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Orthodontics the branch of science dealing with the correction of irregular teeth. We in Noida dental hospital provide all the treatment related to correction of malalign teeth, spacing or crooked teeth. The normal duration of the treatment is around 1.2 years. Braces or orthodontic treatment is not new in dentistry. Orthodontics is the oldest speciality in the field of dentistry. There are different types of braces like the metal braces these are the normal metal braces with the ss or niti wire these braces are visible.

Another braces are the ceramic braces these are the tooth coloured braces the advantage of tooth coloured braces is that they are less visible as compare to metal braces. Another latest addition to the braces is the lingual braces these are braces from inside or the lingual or palatal side these are very less visible but the duration of the treatment increases in lingual braces. Others are aligners these are the trays which are removable. Patient has to wear these aligners for 8 to 10 hours a day these trays are transparent trays and patient compliance is very much needed in case of aligners.

Braces treatment has few dietary restrictions like hard things like pizza, chewing gums,non veg should be avoided. Always cut hard fruits like apple, Guava into pieces and than eat them. Orthodontist will also advice you a orthodontic brush specialy designed for braces so that you can clean your teeth well.

Orhtodontic treatment requires few investigations like OPG. OPG is a full mouth X ray which has all the structures like we can clearly see the bone the condyle and all the teeth in just one X ray. Other than OPG orthodontist also require Lateral Cephalogram, lateral Ceph is a X ray with the profile view. After observing the X ray orthodontist take the impressions of the teeth both upper and the lower teeth and then the braces are ligated onto the teeth. Patient has to come every month for the visits. Orthodontist change the wires and lute any bracket which is broken.

We here in Noida dental Hospital provides you the best orthodontic treatment in Greater Noida. We have over 1000 plus orthodontic patients from india and abroad.